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Youthful enthusiasm and extensive experience

I am a Master of Laws graduate from Turku. I currently serve as a City Council Member and the Chair of Turku Urban Environment Committee. I work as an executive manager at Baltic Area Legal Studies.

I’ve been working for a sustainable Turku and a sustainable world for almost a decade. At the moment, on top of serving as a city council member and as the chair of Turku building board, I serve in the audit committee, in the county assembly, in the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, as the vice-chair of the Cyclists of Turku (Turpo ry), and as the chair of the Green lawyers’ network. My hobbies are playing the drums, singing, kickboxing, exercising at the gym and reading and watching Swedish detective stories.

I am involved in politics because I want to do my part in building a better world. On top of changing the world, I am driven by the simple things like a bike ride through the Kupittaa park during winter, a sauna after the gym, summer days in the sun and movie nights at home with my fiancé.

Turku of tomorrow is built today
Saara’s platform for Municipal elections 2017

Be it our nature, history, culture, education, know-how or the brown river inhabited by art-ducks, we all love our city for different reasons.

I want to build a forward-looking and progressive Turku that values its history and where everyone has a chance to live an active and a sustainable life. This is done through sustainable construction and transport, as well as by investing into education, employment and preventative services. We need to make these decisions together and to safeguard equality within our decision-making!

Sustainable transportation and cozy neighborhoods

In sustainable Turku transportation and construction must to be ecological, comfortable and accessible. Let’s make Turku the biking capital of Finland, let’s implement a tramline and a one-hour train to Helsinki, and let’s increase the number of pedestrian streets! Together we can carry our responsibility for climate change, our nearby nature and the Baltic Sea, while creating more opportunities for citizens. Let’s build Turku to be attractive to people as well as employment in a sustainable way, while respecting the historical heritage of our city!

Welfare through prevention

We need to prevent marginalization and enhance employment. To this end, we should strengthen Turku as the city of quality education. Preventative services should be guaranteed especially to children, the youth, students and families. Lets focus on the attractiveness of our city, on job creation and on creating better-working lives for families!

Better decisions with better democracy

Residents of Turku can participate in municipal decision-making already in the preparation phase of policymaking. This way we can ultilize all of the know-how that our city has. Let’s increase grassroots democracy, referendums, transparency and inclusive participation opportunities for citizens! We should especially focus on including city employees, students and the youth council.

Equal cities prosper

Nobody is discriminated against in Turku. We can tackle welfare differences and poverty with housing and employment policy as well as with free and easily accessible services. Gender and generational equality is central in decision-making and recruitment. We should advance women in leadership. Integrating immigrants can be achieved and there must be zero-tolerance for racism.